Friday, January 21, 2011

What needs to be done to protect birds in North America?

According to the latest reports North America is experiencing rapid bird decline as according to the latest study by the scientists from US, Canada and Mexico 148 bird species need immediate conservation action or they could be soon going extinct.

These 148 most vulnerable bird species among others include Hawk-eagles and wood partridges. The main reason why many bird species are experiencing decline in population is because of the habitat loss, and this issue will require the most attention from conservationists, though of course there are also some other issues that will need to be solved too if we want to save these birds from going extinct.

Here are some things that need to be done to protect birds in North America from going extinct:

1. Since the loss of habitat is the main reason behind the decline in bird population birds definitely require more protected areas, which also means that our current legislation needs more endangered species laws because without such laws it is very difficult to establish effective protected areas for birds.

2. Agriculture, forestry and urban planning need to be more sustainable because this is the only way to conserve as much as possible current bird habitats and ecosystems on which their survival depends.

3. Bird mortality rates need to be decreased by introducing certain measures such as for instance reducing the amount of pesticides.

4. More scientific research in order to better understand the bird distribution patterns, and how certain management practice affects some bird population in certain location.

5. More media attention. People need to know what is going on, and media should promote benefits of conserving birds to average Joe, in order to put more pressure on politicians to come up with the adequate endangered species laws.

6. Partnerships and cooperation on national and international level. More people involved means more shared information and knowledge, so regional and international alliances would be certainly welcome thing that could significantly contribute to bird conservation efforts.

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