Friday, October 23, 2009

Endangered animals, pollution, deforestation

This is the section with articles about endangered animals, pollution, deforestation. What are the reasons for these ecological problems, how to stop many animals from going extinct, halt deforestation, and clean our environment from different sources of pollution.

Why are elephants endangered?

Endangered animals - Definition and impact

Tremendous decline of honeybees in United States

How much do we really know about biodiversity?

Endangered giraffes in West Africa

Elephant poaching on the rise

More humans means bigger extinction of species

Environmental issues in Galapagos islands

Recycling - Key to healthy environment

Wildlife conservation - Why are current efforts not enough?

Why is elephant poaching such a big problem in Africa?

Why are cheetahs endangered?

Elephant poaching in Africa continues to rise

Air pollution - China's biggest ecological problem

Invasive species big threat to birds

Many reptiles in Europe threatened with extinction

Penguins disappearing in Africa

Can paper be more important than tigers and orangutans?

Polar bears problems - Global warming and politics

Climate change destroying Coral Triangle

Huge biodiversity loss in Europe

Tourism in Antarctica - Threat to Antarctica's environment

Deforestation - One of the biggest ecological problems

Endangered tigers - World's largest cats facing extinction

Canadian seal hunt - Such a cruelty

Pandas - Cute animals on the brink of extinction

Polar regions - Rich biodiversity

Antarctica's ecosystems need to be preserved

EU unlikely to meet biodiversity targets

Curbing biodiversity loss seems impossible

Mammals - Tremendous decline

Oceans absorb carbon dioxide

Most deserts have rich biodiversity

Ecosystem productivity

Australia to have world's largest marine protected area?

Biodiversity loss is not only ecological problem

Continuing decline in biodiversity - Health of the planet at risk

Biodiversity must be preserved? But how?

World's coastal waters - Invasion problem

Endangered species - Caribbean Corals

Human impact on oceans and seas

Importance of biodiversity - What is our role?

Endangered species - Giant panda

Endangered species - Penguins

Animal poaching in Africa

What is Ecosystem?

Heavy pollution of river Yangtze

Amazon rainforest - Deforestation