Friday, October 23, 2009

Climate change

This is the section with articles about climate change, and the effect climate change has on other ecological problems. What can be done to tackle climate change problem.

Climate change - Lots of talk, very little action

Major sea level rise still on

Arctic sea ice growing - Climate scientists confused

Climate change - Is Earth warming or cooling?

Climate change impact on food prices and hunger

Methane to make climate change more serious?

Climate change has to be priority

What have we learned from Copenhagen?

What can United States do against climate change?

Why are there so many climate change skeptics?

New climate deal and protection of species

Why is climate change issue so important?

What do people think of climate change?

What is global cooling? Definition and meaning

What is climate change doing to our planet?

Global warming in Tibet is definitely not good

Climate change - Man made or down to nature?

Climate change problem to judge moral of our society

Climate change problem in Africa

Climate change caused flooding in Amazon?

World desperately needs new climate policy

What global warming is all about

Polar ice caps melting faster than expected

Greenhouse gases - Definition and their role in global warming

Global warming in Australia - Nature conservation problem

Climate change - Danger of biofuels

Clean energy - Earth's only chance against global warming

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